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Are you ready to take your professional performance to a new level?
KPI Consultancy offers tailored private coaching sessions in a variety of
communication and core business areas.

Whether you’re looking to improve your presentation skills, enhance your communication in the workplace, or become a mentally tough leader, our 1:1 coaching programmes help professionals wanting to fast-track their career in an efficient, focused manner.


Do you need to develop your business communication skills, improve your presentations or build your mental toughness? KPI Consultancy has a range of private coaching programmes, specially designed for busy professionals wanting to move to the next level in their careers.

Our team of international coaches equip you with the essential communication and leadership skills you need in a private and safe environment, ensuring your exact personal and professional objectives are met.

During our private coaching sessions, you will have the opportunity to practice newly discovered skills uninterrupted, receiving expert coaching and feedback. The aim is to accelerate you to success and achieve your professional goals.



Public Speaking - New - Adjusted

Public Speaking Coaching

Transform your career and achieve your goals by improving your public speaking skills. Our Public Speaking Private Courses will help you develop your confidence and skills in delivering presentations and giving speeches. With your own coach you will explore simple yet functional techniques for preparing and delivering keynotes, as well as learning ways to engage your audience in a range of public speaking situations.

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We are now living in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) times and it has never been more difficult to lead a team. Through our 1:1 and semi-private coaching courses, leaders develop the capabilities they need to effectively manage their teams in difficult times, even remotely. Leaders develop the skill sets to provide positive, impactful leadership as the business landscape takes a new shape.

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Effective Communication is an essential skill in the workplace and is essential for better collaboration, cooperation and productivity. Despite its importance, it remains a skill that very few professionals have mastered and many leaders experience regular issues with miscommunication. Our private coaching programme helps professionals to communication effectively in business situations, resulting in a boost in employee morale, engagement, productivity and satisfaction

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence coaching

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is what differentiates leading performers beyond IQ and their technical abilities. Leaders who invest in Emotional Intelligence training are better able to understand and navigate their emotions and can think, feel and act with greater control. Our Emotional Intelligence for leaders coaching helps professionals to understand themselves, manage stress as well as both personal and professional relationships.

Mental Toughness - Private - Adjusted

mental toughness

When it comes to achieving peak performance and potential, it is more than just technical skills that are needed. Often what holds professionals back is the inability to handle the pressure and perform in the most challenging situations. That’s where working with a Mental Toughness Coach makes the all difference. On our mental toughness coaching programmes, professionals gain the tools to push them past their limits and reach their career goals faster.

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As you know, the way we communicate in reports, e-mails and proposals hugely impacts our credibility. Badly written and or unprofessionally structured communications can make us appear less competent, simply because we do not possess the skills to write professionally. Fast-track your career with our step-by step approach to business writing and start writing clearly, concisely and in a way that engages readers.

soft skills online training provider

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