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We are a Jakarta-based Training Center that helps companies and individuals to transform the results they achieve from their business communications.


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KPI Innovative Training Solutions is a Jakarta-based Training Center that has been making a significant impact since its establishment in 2011. We are dedicated to helping companies and individuals achieve exceptional results from their business communications. Our dynamic and unique stakeholder-centered approach focuses on improving personnel performance through inventive and results-oriented training in Indonesia. With a team of highly skilled training professionals, KPI Consultancy strives to provide high-quality, world-class techniques to improve productivity, communication skills, and leadership.

At KPI Consultancy, we firmly believe that increasing profits and fostering employee cooperation can be easily achieved by leveraging the benefits of our training programs. By attending our in-house or public training workshops and seminars, employees gain invaluable skills and knowledge necessary to exceed their goals. Our soft skill programs equip professionals with simple and functional ways to communicate effectively and make a positive impact in the workplace.

Our Specializations

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence plays a crucial role in personal and professional success. At KPI Consultancy, we offer comprehensive training programs designed to enhance emotional intelligence skills. Our expert trainers guide participants through practical exercises and real-life scenarios, enabling them to understand and manage emotions effectively. By developing emotional intelligence, professionals gain a competitive edge, fostering stronger relationships and increasing overall performance.

Sales Skills Training

Outstanding sales teams are the cornerstone of any successful business. Our sales skills transformation programs are meticulously designed to equip professionals with the necessary skills and strategies to excel in sales. Through interactive sessions, role-plays, and case studies, participants learn effective sales techniques, negotiation skills, and customer relationship management. KPI Consultancy’s sales transformation programs empower individuals to drive revenue growth and achieve sustainable success.

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At KPI Consultancy, our mission is to help professionals become better leaders, influencers, and effective communicators. We believe that by enabling learners to excel in their respective roles, they become invaluable assets to their businesses. Additionally, we offer consulting services to address specific training and development needs for individuals and companies. Through our thorough and detailed training programs, our clients achieve impactful and lasting results.

We understand the significance of an organization’s core values, objectives, and aims. By focusing on soft skills training and development, KPI Consultancy adds substantial value to companies seeking to improve performance and operations within their business.

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Years of combined expertise

KPI’s leadership team has over 95 years’ experience in Learning and Development


We are proud to be the trusted learning provider for over 250 companies worldwide

KPI Consultancy has built a reputation for delivering comprehensive business training that aligns with industry models have proven successful worldwide. Each training program is meticulously developed and tailored to meet the specific needs and desired results of our clients.


In conclusion, KPI Consultancy is your premier provider of training in Jakarta and is dedicated to transforming your business communications and unlocking your team’s full potential. With a wide range of training programs for teams, including emotional intelligence, sales skills, leadership, and effective communication, our training empowers professionals at all levels to achieve extraordinary results. Join us on this transformative journey and experience the power of effective training with KPI Consultancy.

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Comprehensive Business Training Tailored to Your Needs

KPI Consultancy offers a foundation program based on industry models that have proven successful worldwide. Through extensive research and development, we create training programs specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of each company. Our comprehensive approach to training ensures that participants gain the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles and contribute positively to the success of their organizations.

Stakeholder-Centered Training: Embracing the Future of Talent Development

The profession of talent development has witnessed significant changes in recent years. At KPI Consultancy, we recognize the importance of adapting to evolving trends and technologies. We utilize every available tool, including cutting-edge technology, cultural factors, and academic research, to deliver dynamic and impactful training results for our clients. By embracing the future of talent development, we equip trainees with the essential skills for successfully implementing knowledge and achieving dynamic results.

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We work to advance the financial profession


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soft skills online training provider

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