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Negotiation Skills Training

Unlock the mysteries of human behaviour and psychology through our cutting-edge Effective Negotiation training. Boost your sales, optimise your purchases, and steer towards favourable outcomes. Our training leverages your superpower – your unique style – for top-notch negotiation success.

Negotiation Skills

Learn how to Negotiate Like a Pro

Negotiation training provides indispensable benefits in the workplace, fostering a culture of effective communication, understanding, and mutual respect among employees. It enhances decision-making, conflict resolution, and collaboration capabilities, thereby improving individual performance, team dynamics, and overall business productivity.

Negotiation Skills

Learn how to Negotiate Like a Pro

Negotiation training provides indispensable benefits in the workplace, fostering a culture of effective communication, understanding, and mutual respect among employees. It enhances decision-making, conflict resolution, and collaboration capabilities, thereby improving individual performance, team dynamics, and overall business productivity.

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For businesses, negotiation training is an investment that yields substantial returns. It cultivates a culture of effective communication, strategic decision-making, and harmonious collaboration, all vital to the success of any business entity. Well-negotiated contracts result in better terms, cost savings, and reduced risks, contributing to improved bottom-line results. Furthermore, negotiation skills are essential for navigating complex business relationships, managing conflicts, and resolving disputes, thus creating a more productive and positive work environment. On a larger scale, companies with trained negotiators can better handle industry dynamics, competition, and market fluctuations, ensuring their long-term stability and growth. By providing a negotiation skills program to their employees, companies not only enhance their business operations but also invest in their most valuable asset – their people.


Upgrading your Negotiation and influencing can significantly impact individuals across all walks of life. Whether you’re seeking advancement in your career, or wanting to improve your personal relationships, these skills can be a game-changer. Negotiation is a skill you can use to secure higher salaries, better job opportunities, and more favorable outcomes in various life scenarios. It fosters stronger relationships by promoting understanding, respect, and compromise between parties. The training will also boost your confidence, allowing you to express your views assertively, yet tactfully, and to stand your ground when necessary. In essence, negotiation training empowers individuals to navigate through life’s challenges with more control and greater satisfaction.


This highly engaging workshop introduces the key skills professionals need to take part in successful negotiations. Our negotiation training introduces a systematic approach and simple framework to preparing and conducting negotiations at all levels.

Benefits of the Negotiation Training Program

Benefits of the Negotiation Training

By equipping employees with effective negotiation skills, companies can ensure that every deal or contract they enter into is optimally beneficial. Employees will learn how to negotiate better terms with vendors, clients, and partners, leading to cost savings and increased revenue, thereby improving the company’s overall profitability.


Strong business relationships are built on effective communication. Whether you are collaborating with colleagues, negotiating with clients, or managing a team, the ability to articulate your thoughts and, see what you want to and actively listen to others cultivates trust, understanding, and rapport.

03. Strengthened Customer Relationships

With solid negotiation skills, employees can navigate customer interactions more effectively, ensuring customers feel heard, respected, and valued. This can lead to stronger customer relationships, higher customer satisfaction, and ultimately, increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

04. Improved Conflict Resolution

Workplace conflicts can be detrimental to productivity and morale. However, with strong negotiation skills, employees can resolve disagreements more effectively, finding common ground and creating solutions that satisfy all parties. This leads to a more harmonious and productive work environment.

Negotiation Skills


01. Understanding Negotiation
  • What is Negotiation?
  • When Negotiation is a good idea?
  • The four elements of an
    effective negotiation
  • The difference between positions and interests
  • Identifying and prioritising your interests
  • Common mistakes when handling interests
03. Options when Negotiating
  • Generating and evaluating possible options
  • Identifying your ideal outcome
  • Common errors when generating options
04. Delivering Fair Negotiation Outcomes
  • Establishing and agreeing criteria
  • Common pitfalls when evaluating fairness
  • Techniques for maintaining objectivity and reducing bias in negotiation outcomes
  • Strategies for fostering mutual satisfaction and perceived fairness in the agreement
05. Gaining Commitment
  • What to consider when closing a deal
  • Ways to close a deal successfully
  • Ensuring clear communication and understanding of agreement terms
  • Implementing follow-up strategies for maintaining commitment and building long-term relationships
About This Training

Course overview

KPI Consultancy’s workshops equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to become effective negotiators. The objectives of the course are to help participants understand the psychology of negotiation, master the stages of the negotiation process, identify and develop their personal negotiation style, and apply effective negotiation techniques to achieve win-win outcomes. Additionally, participants will learn to manage conflicts and handle difficult situations with tact and confidence.

The methodology of this course includes a mix of lectures, interactive discussions, role-play exercises, and real-life case studies. This ensures a comprehensive, hands-on learning experience where participants can apply the theoretical aspects of negotiation in a practical, realistic context. Participants will receive constructive feedback throughout the course, aiding them in refining their negotiation techniques.

This course is designed for anyone who needs to enhance their negotiation in the workplace. It is particularly beneficial for sales and procurement professionals, managers, team leaders, HR personnel, project managers, and individuals involved in contract negotiations, dispute resolutions, or decision-making processes.

1-2 days

10-20 participants is the recommended group size

We understand that every organization has unique needs, so our training program can be customised to address your specific challenges and goals. This includes modifying the course content, incorporating your organization’s scenarios into case studies, and adjusting the methodology as necessary.

Our training course is flexible in delivery modes to accommodate different needs. It can be delivered onsite at your organization, offsite at a suitable location, or virtually for remote teams. Regardless of the mode of delivery, the course is interactive, engaging, and designed to provide a high-quality learning experience.


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