Essential Training For Managers & Supervisors

Essential training for managers & Supervisors

Ensuring that new and current managers, leaders and supervisors possess the skills they need to perform well in their job is essential to every business. We are going to explore the most important training for modern managers and business leaders to take in 2023.


Effective Communication Skills

Communication is central to almost everything we do; the ability to communicate effectively with coworkers, clients, suppliers and management is vital for employees at all levels, but is of particular importance to leaders.

Managing others in the workplace requires the ability to communicate professionally and effectively, and in a manner that gets the desired message across.

Poor communication can result in misunderstandings, delays in decision making, even disagreements and loss of trust and credibility. For that reason, Effective Communication Skills is often a top training choice for managers and supervisors.

developing emotional intelligence training for employees
developing emotional intelligence training for employees

Leadership Training for managers

Great employees are not always great leaders. One pitfall experienced by companies is promoting high-achieving employees into leadership roles they are not ready for. New managers and supervisors often struggle to adapt and this is very often a result of not being properly trained. Many of the managers who fail do so as they’ve never learned, or because the are not be getting the right guidance and feedback to develop their managerial and leadership skills. They often simply “get in their own way” because they don’t have never been given the tools to succeed.

New Leader and Manager training courses equip professionals with the fundamental techniques to lead their teams successfully. New Leader training helps aspiring and newly appointed managers to lead and motivate teams. Focusing on the essential skills of leadership, the course provides tools and techniques to create trust, deliver through others and facilitate change in teams.

More experienced managers who want a refresher course or need to further develop their leadership competencies for the digital era will benefit from regular leadership training for managers. KPI’s Leadership 4.0 masterclass provides insights and prepares managers to inspire, empower their teams. Leaders are given a toolkit to help them guide their teams through volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) times.

Emotional Intelligence For Leaders

Another important training course for managers is Emotional Intelligence. Like it or not, in 2023 leaders need to manage the mood of their organisations. They now need to be self-aware and empathetic, regulating their own emotions while gauging their team’s emotional state. KPI Consultancy’s Emotional Intelligence for leaders course equips managers with the foundational principles and brain science of Emotional Intelligence and the ability to apply it in their interactions with their teams.

Other Notable Training Topics for managers includes:

  • Business Presentation Skills
  • Influencing without authority
  • Tough Minds for Tough Times

For more information about these programs, as well as other training choices for managers, supervisors and employees, check out our range of customised training programmes. 
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