B2B Sales Skills you Need to Master

We all know that business-to-business operations (B2B) involves sales, or transactions being carried out between two different companies. Whilst B2B Sales differ from the regular B2C or business-to-consumer interactions, the sales skills and techniques needed to excel in B2B sales environments aren’t so different.

The goal of every business, regardless of the type is to ensure profitability, productivity, and customer longevity. To achieve all of these, there are some essential B2B sales skills you need to hone. Read on as we dive into the top B2B sales skills that you need for your professional sales career

B2B Sales Skills You Need To Master


Sales Skills

Influencing Skills

Any salesperson, account manager, sales consultant or sales rep worth their salt needs to be convincing to get their clients to buy into their ideas. The probability of closing a deal or getting your B2B customer to take action depends on how convincing and how well the salesperson influences their prospect.

Lead Generation

The best B2B sales professionals in the business do more than just waiting for the phone to ring. Lead generation is where B2B sales people identify  prospective clients and approach them. It’s a skill that requires a good knowledge of the market including its demands, challenges, the competition, and current trends.

Customer Service Excellence

Although not an obvious “Selling Skill” B2B sales professionals need to develop more than just fundamental sales skills to excel in their careers. The ability to deliver excellent customer service to both new and existing clients is also required to excel in B2B sales. It revolves around interactions with clients and acting on their feedback, complaints, and requests. It’s essential to hone this skill so you can start to provide B2B clients with the right assistance.


Sales Skills

"B2B sales SKILLS : Customer Service excellence"

Account Management

No one wants their B2B sales deal to be a one-time thing.  It’s much easier to develop an existing account than do go out hunting for new B2B deals instead. For sustainable growth, you need to ensure customer longevity and loyalty. Effective account management and customer retention involve keeping the customers loyal to your brand, which in turn leads to better sales and an improved brand presence.

Product Knowledge

You can’t sell your product or service if your customers don’t know what problems it solves and how it helps them overcome their challenges. If you properly educate clients on the true value to them of your company’s products and services, it leads to more closed deals and a greater chance of repeat business.

Presentation Skills

Can you prepare and deliver engaging presentations that captivate your audience? Are you strong at using PowerPoint to explain to partners the essence of an upcoming product or product idea? Public Speaking and the ability to deliver great presentations to groups is the last, but by no means least important of our B2B sales skills.


B2B sales has a reputation for being more difficult to master than B2C. That being said, successful B2B salespeople are in high demand and they are often some of the highest earners in their organisations. Many argue that sales people are the lifeblood of the company; it is difficult to argue against that, given that without and contracts, there is little chance of a company yielding sufficient revenue to advance.

B2B sales skills are trainable

Whether you are just starting your sales career and would like to learn some of the Sales Skills Fundamentals; or perhaps your team is more experienced and just needs to Close Deals FasterKPI Consultancy has a Sales Training Course that suits your team’s needs.

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