Benefits of getting your team Sales Training in Jakarta


There are numerous benefits to running a professional selling skills course at your company. Read on and discover how enrolling on a sales training programme in Jakarta can help you and your team to deliver outstanding results.

Building a highly successful sales team is reliant on a number of factors. Perhaps you believe that sales people are “born” and the talent to sell exists within a person, by nature. Alternatively perhaps you subscribe to the notion that Sales people need to be developed and skills must be learned for any sales professional perform at a high level.




The top benefit experienced by most sales professionals who are trained properly is quite simply that they make more money. This is largely down to the increased commission earned once they can close more deals. Effective sales training courses not only equip leaners with more effective and efficient sales techniques, it also provides an understand of which techniques are and aren’t suited to the individual sales pro. KPI Consultancy’s sales training is delivered in Jakarta and around Indonesia, giving companies the chance to fully customise their sales training to their industry and company culture.

Companies Retain Their Best Employees

Sales is a high stakes career and is often a high-pressure environment with high staff turnover. Sales teams who are not given proper support often see high turnover rates. Support comes in many different forms with both line managers and external training providers being able to help the development of the sales rep. In-house Sales training is particularly beneficial as not it only equips sales pro with the fundamental skills they need to succeed, it also increases confidence and helps the employees to grow. In-house sales training leaves employees feeling confident and supported, and far more likely to stay in their job.

Less Discounting, More Profitability

With those newly acquired, sharpened sales techniques, team members can also expect to deliver more profitability from their business deals. Gone will be the days of selling at rock bottom margins, where deals are only won by being the cheapest option available to the client. One of the main challenges that our clients face before taking KPI’s sales training in Jakarta is that their employees sell only by giving large discounts. After sales training is successfully deployed and teams have been appropriately trained, their ability to understand the psychology of B2B sales is far greater and their ability to negotiate like a pro can reap rewards.

Sales training programmes allow team members to acquire the practices and techniques that harvest results and hone the practices that pay off. When sales people learn which techniques are most efficient and focus on developing those techniques, deals close more rapidly.

KPI Consultancy has had the privilege of training over 10,000 professionals from local and multinational companies. We have provided courses for all levels of employee, ranging from brand new salespeople to seasoned sales professionals with decades of experience

Take a look at KPI’s range of Sales Training Programmes for Teams and discover how we can help improve your team’s results.

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