Sales Tips: The 5 words every salesperson should be using to close deals

When it comes to selling, there are some words that salespeople can add to their conversations with prospects to convince them and close deals.
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When it comes to selling, there are some words that salespeople can add to their conversations with prospects to convince them and close deals faster. These words are not from robotic sales scripts, they are simply words that top salespeople use to get that deal signed.

Bertrand Russell said “What men want is not knowledge, but certainty” and when it comes to selling skills, the ability to show your customers that you are 100% certain is what will distinguish you from your competitors. Rather than using words like “maybe” “hopefully” or “probably”, words of certainty are highly effective, no matter what the context.

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Here are some top “certain” words that you as a salesperson and your sales team should be using to make your clients sign that deal. Salespeople who have attended our sales training courses over the years have learned to smoothly add these words into their vocabulary during sales pitches, presentations, and business communications.

First of all, it is important to emphasise that these words should be used in the most natural way possible, rather than forcing the words or phrases to make you sound robotic. It will take some time to be able to smoothly use these words and close deals.

1. Certainly

“Certainly” gives certainty to your conversation. It gives 100% reassurance to your customer that you will follow through on promises and deliver the value that you are emphasising in your sales pitch or business presentation.

2. Absolutely

Your customer wants the assurance that things will go right after they buy from you. They want to work with competent, reliable people, and the word “absolutely” helps establish you, your team, and your product as a trustworthy choice.

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3. You

The word “you” shows your customers that they are what matters and they are valued in the decision making process. Use the word “you” whenever you are talking about the benefits to the customer, for example “You will increase your commission by 35% after attending our sales training course”.

4. And

Try to eliminate the word “but” from your vocabulary. “But” is almost always followed by a negative statement and can be dismissive. Replacing it with “and” is more solutions-focussed can address a problem rather than dismissing it.

5. Value

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Value selling is massively important. You must get your customers to focus on buying value, rather than thinking only about prices and budgets.

When you explain the benefits of your product or service to them, using the word “value“ tells them exactly what they’ll get. “Price” only tells them what they will lose! Eventually you will have to get down to discussing the price, so if you have emphasised the value properly and got the client’s buy-in, the price becomes less of an issue.

Integrate these five powerful words into your sales discussions and you will convert those sales and close deals faster.

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2 Responses

  1. You absolutely nailed it! I agree that certain words are more effective than others, and these should be used when speaking with a customer. It’s easier to do when writing, so people need to make it a habit to correct their wording in their writing. This in turn makes them more conscious when speaking. When people use words like “possibly,” “probably,” or ” maybe,” it shows that they lack confidence in themselves and in their product. Honestly, wording has a HUGE impact on sales. It’s the power of persuasion and the use of rhetoric. I also like how you speak about changing “but” from “and.” I was taught this many years ago and was told that two things can happen simultaneously. I can be happy AND anxious at the same time. When you use “but,” it creates doubt and has a negative connotation. It can also subconsciously invalidate what was said beforehand. This is why I truly believe that many people would benefit from sales training that highlight the power of speech. Thank you for this article, it was undoubtedly a great read!

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