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As a professional, you are serious about your career and want to make sure you develop the skills you need to help you perform better in today’s highly competitive business environment.

KPI offers a variety of public courses, ideal for anyone who is looking to improve their performance and succeed at work.

Click on a course below to explore our upcoming public workshops, which help professionals level up in key areas including Communication Skills, Sales Skills, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence.

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KPI’s public training workshops serve both individuals and companies who are looking to develop their talent, enabling them to face the latest challenges in today’s modern business landscape.

All of our public workshops are delivered by our team of highly experienced facilitators.

May 18th, 2022

Close Deals Faster sales skills training business growth sales success

Close deals Faster

Closing is widely recognized as the most challenging stage in the sales process. In this highly interactive workshop you will transform your sales team into excellent closers. Learn how to build a “buyer hunger” and create more urgency to secure the sale, positioning your offer as the best option available.

June 22nd, 2022

business writing skills training

Business writing skills

The way we communicate in reports, e-mails and proposals hugely impact our credibility. Badly written and or unprofessionally structured communications can make us appear less competent, simply because we do not possess the skills to write professionally.

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list of our other workshops

july 20th, 2022

presentation skills coaching online

presentation skills

Presentation is one of the most feared and challenging of all business activities. We aim to focus on practical ways for delegates to deliver more confident, effective presentations.

august 24th, 2022

managing emotions in the workplace training

Emotional intelligence

An intensely practical workshop with sophisticated, leading-edge “psychology of success” content designed to create a profound experience for attendees. Each person will have an opportunity to practice actual cognitive-behavioral psychology strategies and techniques that will help them manage their internal processes and gain more self-control.

september 21st, 2022

leadership 4.0 workshop for corporate

industry 4.0 leadership

The Leadership 4.0 Masterclass will provide insights and prepare leaders to inspire, empower and create a culture of agility and innovation. Whilst some leaders may be overwhelmed by the complexity of this disruptive world, we see this as an exciting time for bold and forward-thinking leaders to.

october 19th, 2022

service excellence

Would you like to develop your customer handling skills so that you are able to exceed your customers’ expectations? If so, this thought-provoking and interactive workshop will give you the skills that you need. The workshop is suitable for those who deal with internal or external customers.

november 23rd, 2022

effective business communication training

Effective communication

This highly interactive workshop helps develop skills and strategies for successful communication in the modern business environment. Through case study scenarios, role plays, personality tests and filmed mini-presentations you will learn how to communicate better with others and with team. These new skills will help you to better influence your subordinates and colleagues for a maximum efficiency.

April 13th, 2022

sales skills training for corporate

sales skills fundamentals

This programme gives new sales people the essential skills they need to build their careers on. They will understand how to be successful, how to be effective and make money!

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soft skills online training provider

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