At KPI, we treat our client’s business objectives as our number one priority. We specialise in corporate training that develops managers, builds teams, increases sales productivity, and ultimately makes you money. Our philosophy is simple: We start with observing and assessing your specific training requirements. Our instruction and curriculum experts then design programs to meet those exact needs. The key to our success? Our designers and developers are also our trainers. They know the material inside out and once it’s deployed in the classroom or online, they’re the ones who modify and tweak it in response to your employees’ feedback and needs.

The KPI difference


You will get a return on your investment

Your investment in the programme will be rewarded many times over. KPI has strong track record of delivering new business, cost saving and additional profit to our customers. Delegates will leave our in-house and public training feeling they can immediately apply new skills in their job to affect a positive change.


Training is kept both functional and interesting

Courses are customised and kept relevant using case studies and examples from your industry. Management are consulted throughout the training process to clearly determine what success is.


The learning is in ‘the doing’

At KPI, our training follows the latest thinking in adult learning, such as the 70:20:10 principle, to ensure that your people actually change, rather than simply ‘get trained’.

Whether it’s sales training, leadership, presentation training, negotiation training, or emotional intelligence, we consistently outperform the market with our high-impact programmes.

After completing our programmes, learners can expect to

(+) Added confidence and proficiency in using their newly acquired skills
(+) Improved skill-set and motivation to help your company succeed
(+) Quality learning materials, personalised to your company culture
(+) Continued post-course guidance to consolidate learning

Let’s talk

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