About us

KPI Innovative Training Solutions began in 2011 by developing a dynamic, unique, stakeholder-centered approach towards improving the performance of personne through inventive and results-oriented training. The key people at KPI are dedicated to providing high quality, world- class techniques for improving productivity, communications, and leadership. Increasing profits and employee cooperation can easily be measured as a byproduct of KPI’s training programmes.

KPI helps companies and individuals to achieve better results from their business communications. After attending our in-house or public training workshops and seminars, delegates are equipped with the skills they need to help them achieve their goals. Professionals of all levels learn simple, functional ways to communicate better and make a positive difference at work.

Our mission

KPI’s mission is to help professionals become better leaders, become more influential and better at communicating with others. By enabling learners to be more effective at their jobs, they become assets to their businesses. KPI also provides consulting services to address specific training and development needs for individuals and companies. Thorough, detailed best training and development programmes, our clients achieve impactful, lasting results.

KPI understands the importance of an organization’s core values, objectives and aims, and through the development of soft skills, KPI adds value to companies looking to improve performance and operations within their business.

“What people hear, they forget What people see, they remember What people do, they learn”