Public Speaking Coaching


The Public Speaking Coaching will help you develop your confidence and skills in delivering presentations and giving speeches. You will explore techniques for preparing and delivering keynotes, as well as exploring ways to engage your audience in a range of public speaking situations.

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Become a public speaker
Public speaking and communication skills are key to being successful in a modern business environment. In this session, you will learn how to deliver a clear and impactful message which will lead you to success.


  • Influence groups to take action
  • Sell your ideas to groups of people
  • Discover and practice strong audience participation techniques


Stress free speakers 
The Stress Free Speaker guides you through and teaches you how to prepare the perfect presentation to get your message across using our step-by-step system. You will discover that a great presentation is not about having a script or memorising lines but rather about a structure you must follow to engage and influence audiences. After attending The Stress Free Speaker, you will become a more confident presenter and use techniques to handle nervousness and stage stress. Learn how to effectively reduce the stress and nervousness before and during your presentation. Control your body language and voice to look and feel confident in front of your audience.


  • Understand why you get nervous about public speaking
  • Handle stage stress and conquer your fear of public speaking
  • Use a step-by-step approach to overcome nervousness


The Bulletproof Speaker
The way you speak in public impacts your credibility; in fact, public speaking is one of the most feared of all business activities. Handling Q & A sessions and presenting to senior audiences is a skill very few business professionals have mastered. The Bulletproof speaker takes you through a system that all professionals need to master to be ready for any possible situation in a presentation.


  • Answer even the most challenging question with confidence and credibility
  • Handle senior audiences e.g. BOD and their expectations
  • Handle unexpected situations and questions in a presentation