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Do you want to become a better communicator?  Check out our top tips on how to become more influential and build better business relationships.

1 week ago

By KPI Consultancy

Soft skills training is vital and the skills learned are transferable, employers & all levels of staff will benefit from the development.

3 weeks ago

By KPI Consultancy

Development can be the difference-maker for your team. Get Sales Training in Jakarta and close more business deals.
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4 weeks ago

By KPI Consultancy

We are going to explore the most important training for modern managers and business leaders to take in 2023.

11 months ago

By KPI Consultancy

Regardless of your audience or subject matter, gamification of learning can help you to create exciting, educational, and entertaining content.

12 months ago

By KPI Consultancy

The pandemic flipped the traditional dynamic of our training deliveries on its head. At KPI Consultancy, in 2019, 99% of our soft skills training workshops were delivered offline, usually at our clients’ offices or at hotels or conference centres.

1 year ago

By KPI Consultancy

Mental toughness is defined as the psychological edge enabling one to cope better than opponents with the many demands (competition, training, and lifestyle).

1 year ago

By KPI Consultancy

We often underestimate the scale and speed of change that occurred in the 20th century. Scientific discoveries and technological advances transformed many aspects of our.

1 year ago

By KPI Consultancy

Daniel Goleman, psychologist and author of the ground-breaking book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More than IQ and Working With.
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